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    Oracle Enterprise manager not starting

    Kiran Sundar

          I have installed Oracle Enterprise Manager on my virtual machine running Oracle Linux 5.8. I edited the virtual machine settings to contain 2 CPU cores, 8GB RAM post installation of OEM owing to slow response times from the server. This was done as per the pre-requisite recommendation from Oracle Installation guide. Also, prior to installation of the Oracle DB, I had the user group as dba instead of oinstall. I have now associated the oracle user to the oinstall group instead of dba. Now, I have powered on the virtual machine and started the database and the listener. Now when I try to launch the OMS service, I am not able to get the Management server up and running. The logs show the error on "PolicyStoreContainerNotReadyException" and says 'Failed to search audit definition for component JPS. Reason: oracle.secutiry.jps.service.policystore.PolicyStoreContainerNotReadyException. Kindly let me know what should I do to get the OMS up and running.