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    Not able to see files in the repository in Oracle Test Manager

    Vishal Majithia



      We have a requirement that OpenScript is installed on one machine and Test Manager is on another server.

      We want to run the scripts from Test Manger on remote server.

      As of now I managed to do following things:

      1. Share the OFT folder from OpenScript, so that it is accessible from remote machine.
      2. Created system from Test Manger from tools, where hostname is same as the hostname of the machine where OpenScript is installed.
      3. Created repository in Test Manager from tools, where I have given the pata of the OFT like '\\syngdcd0318\oft'.

      But, when I am trying to add a test in Test Manager and I go to find the script, I can only see the repository name. Scrpits inside the OFT folder are not visible.

      But if I try to access the OFT from command prompt of remote server, I can see all the file.


      Could someone help us with this??