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    Formatting link columns in Classic Reports


      This post started as a question, but after some more Googling, it has turned into a helpful hint.


      Situation: I'm attempting to apply some formatting to a classic report column that is displayed as links.


      I created a CSS class called magenta150 with this code in the Region Definition ... Region Header:



      .magenta150{display:block;  width:150px; white-space:nowrap;  overflow:hidden; background-color: #FF00FF}



      Then on the Report Attributes tab, I edited an ordinary (i.e. non-link) column, and typed magenta150 into its Column Formatting ... CSS Class field.  Running the page to see the report, that field is displayed 150 pixels wide with a magenta background.  So far, so good.


      I then edited my link column, added the reference to the magenta150 class in the same place... and nothing happened.  When displayed, the link column is not 150 pixels wide, and has no magenta background.


      Solution: When editing the link column, don't put anything into the Column Formatting ... CSS Class field. 

      Instead, put this into the Column Link ... Link Attributes field:  class="link150"