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    NLS_CHARSET - how to get description


      This is probably general PL/SQL question but I can give you good example of what I want from APEX environment.

      If you upload static file via Application Builder you have to select file character set from select list. Some of the description strings from select list are:

      •    Cyrillic Windows 1251

      •    Eastern European Windows 1250

      •    Eastern European ISO-8859-2

      •    Unicode UTF-8

      My problem is I want to build exact the same select list in my APEX application but I don't know how to get charsets descriptions. I need to add description column to following query but I don't know how:


      SELECT nls_charset_id(value) id, value ORA_CHARSET, utl_i18n.map_charset(value) IANA_CHARSET
      FROM v$nls_valid_values
      WHERE parameter = 'CHARACTERSET';


      You can find complete list of charest descriptions here:http://www.adp-gmbh.ch/ora/misc/globalization.html