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    Cannot view Special Information entered in Iprocurement in Oracle Requisition screen


      We are implementing Oracle IProcurement to be able to capture the Indirect Spend of the Organization through Non Catalog Requests. We defined Information templates to be able to add some mandatory Special Information values to the Non Catalog requests. After adding the Special Information in IProc, we are able to complete the Requisition and Approve it. Next we go to Oracle Purchasing in Requisition Summary>> Query the Requisition having the Special Information>> Go to the Requisition Lines and View>>Attachments. But we see no attachments created against the Special Information that was added in Iproc for the requisition.


      On going back to the Requisition in IProcurement, we can see the Special Information in the Requisition details. But the same cannot be seen in Oracle Purchasing anywhere.  Is there some setup which is causing this information to be missing in Oracle?