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    EM12C - Add repoitory database as database target


      Hello all,


      Apologies if this sounds like a stupid question.

      I have just installed EM12C OMS and repository database on the same server (Linux x86_64). The installation is successful and I can access the cloud control and see preconfigured targets (from the same host).

      However, I am not able to add the reporitory database as database target. Is this expected? I remember in grid control 10g, I was able to configure reporitory database as a database target.

      In 12c, I tried "Add targets manually" or "auto-discovery", but none of them show either the repository database or ist listener as target.


      Thanks in advance.


      p.s. I have also successfully added 12c agent as part of EM12c installation and the agent is running successfully on the host.