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    Advice and Opinion from Expert in APEX


      Hello Expert,


      I have a question, I was asked to look at few applications that were built with Oracle Portal, bunch of Oracle Procedures that will generate html. Oracle doesn't support Oracle Portal anymore and my organisation is looking at reusing these procedures to create the same type of Application in Oracle APEX. I don't have any idea about Oracle Portal but, I can understand the commands statements that will translate the p/sql to html a little bit.


      My question for those people who worked previously on Oracle Portal, is it adviceble to reuse these procedure and generate forms and html in APEX since Oracle APEX generate bunch of HTML as well.


      Anyone had the same issue where they did move from Oracle Portal to Oracle APEX? How did they proceed? what was the results? Can anyone lead me to a site or blog for more information on how to deal and proceed with this type of conversion?


      please do not hesitate to e-mail me at nkulu@reliable-it.ca

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          Long ago I worked with Oracle Portal for a client that wanted a number of paper-based forms translated to online forms. We did this by creating PL/SQL Procedures that generated HTML Forms (and enhanced with javascript) - and the link to run the PL/SQL procedure was published on a page of the Portal.

          To develop these forms and manage transactions within the database was VERY cumbersome.


          APEX is a great framework which allows you to define all parts of the form declaratively. It also has many more features and abilities for formatting, validations, session state etc.


          I think you will find that the effort taken to create a PL/SQL procedure that generates a HTML form can quickly and easily be created within a few minutes in the APEX Wizards.

          I would say it is better to re-create each of your forms using the APEX framework as you will find many more features. This should be quite easy to do a Proof-of-Concept if you already have the database table definitions from your Portal Database.


          Have you had a look at some of the form samples on apex.oracle.com?



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            I had stale Portal/mod_plsql skills when I started to learn APEX and as Amanda says - it's really easy compared to Portal.


            APEX handles the GUI through wizards and manipulating declarative attributes, and much faster to do so.

            You may have some existing PL/SQL that could be used, if they are data specific processes like processing emails or something.

            And the SQL that define your reports could also be salvaged.


            Portal's flame burnt quick but bright, APEX has a longer future.



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              Thanks for your insight. Yes, I did take a look at some form samples on Oracle website.


              I also looked at the procedures that was generated by the Oracle Portal webDB and there were one of our dba suggested to run the same code in APEX but what I found, was that these procedures were generated by webDB Portal and may not be able to run in APEX because it is a different architecture.


              I agree with you, the best solution is to recreate the forms and reports that was generated by the procedures.


              Now, the implementation of this application was a search application that was using a stem and fuzzy search to search the Oracle Database. do you know any good documentation that will allow me to learn more about this type of search and how to implement that in APEX?

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                I agree, thanks for your thought and I appreciate your time to stop by and give me your insight on this matter.

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                  Sorry I have not implemented a stem and fuzzy search functionality in APEX.


                  The most comlex "Search" functionality I have implemented in an application is similar to what you will find in the 'Sample Search' packaged application on apex.oracle.com.


                  I would suggest you start a new post with a title specific to your search requirements and see if there are some experts on the APEX forum that have implemented something similar to what you are looking for.



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                    I wrote a presentation on the use of Oracle Text in APEX - it may help you get started

                    Grassroots Oracle: Presentations