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    webcenter managed server


      Hello -


      we have webcenter and developing a customer facing application.


      question 1 :  on a single phsical server, can we install 2 webcenter managed servers (ManageWC1 and ManageWC2) ?


      If questions 1 is YES, then we have questions 2:...... we have 2 different releases R1 and R2.of code in source control  branches. Is it possible to deploy R1 code on Manage1WC and same time deloy R2 code in Manage2WC. ?  Remeber, after deploy both codes should run separately and not overwrite each other. Also, after deploy developers would need to test code R1 and R2 using 2 separate URLs. Would we get two separate URLs afterdeploy of R1 and R2 ??/

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          Please read ManagedWC1 and ManagedWC2  AS    WC_CustomePortal1  and  WC_CustomPortal2



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            Daniel Merchán



            Question 1) Yes you can. However take care about following information:


                 You need different WebCenter DB schemas (WEBCENTER, ACTIVITIES, MDS) for each managed server.


            Quesiton 2) Yes.

            You're R1 will be in WC_CustomPortal1 that have following DataSources associated (WEBCENTERDS1, ACTIVITIESD1, MDSDS1).

            You're R1 will be in WC_CustomPortal2 that have following DataSources associated (WEBCENTERDS2, ACTIVITIESD2, MDSDS2).

            About the context-root you should change it. You can't have an application with the same context-root in the same WebLogic domain.


            My recommendation: Have two different WebLogic Domains to maintain R1 and R2 in separate environments. Evolve R1 and R2 separately and apply versions to your applications.