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    Custom thread pool for Java 8 parallel stream


      It seems that it is not possible to specify thread pool for Java 8 parallel stream. If that's so, the whole functionality is useless in most of the situations. The only situation I can safely use it is a small single threaded application written by one person.


      In all other cases, if I can not specify the thread pool, I have to share the default pool with other parts of the application. If someone submits a task that takes a lot of time, my tasks will get stuck. Is that correct or am I overlooking something?


      Imagine that someone submits slow networking operation to the fork-join pool. It's not a good idea, but it's so tempting that it will be happening. In such case, all CPU intensive tasks executed on parallel streams will wait for the networking task to finish. There is nothing you can do to defend your part of the application against such situations. Is that so?