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    Enkitec Nav bar plugin



      I need help with Enkitec Nav bar plugin, I have installed  and created list and region, How can I get rid of the second menu bar? so as to have just one menu bar and the drop down  I created.

      This is the application URL:  http://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=9678:1:101531257071981



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          Jorge Rimblas

          Not sure I understand what you mean and I can't log into your sample app. Can you provide credentials?


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            2nd menu bar? or are you just talking about how to stop the menu from appearing on the login page?


            Is so, add condition to your global page menu region

            Type: page not in

            Expression: 101

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              Hello Jrimblas,

              what I meant is that , now  I see two tabs  on the page after configuring the plugin.


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                You may be referring to the "One level tabs" page templates you're using.


                You need to change your default theme template and any existing pages to the relevant "no tabs" template.


                eg: the "remove tabs" section at the bottom of this post

                Grassroots Oracle: CSS pull down menu using APEX List

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                  Jorge Rimblas

                  Sounds like Scott is on the right track.

                  However, you still did not provide credentials to take a look at your application.




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                    Hello Scott and Jrimblas,


                    Thanks for the response, I have removed the tab as Scott suggested but still not getting a well positioned tab. Please can you take a look at it,  Login details are

                    username- abiolafafiola@yahoo.com

                    pass- demo

                    And how can I override the default colours? I have tried following the help giving by Enkitec but  I couldn't get it done, I will like if I can  get a step by step instruction on how and where to place the CSS to override the default colour.

                    I will appreciate your help.




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                      Jorge Rimblas

                      Ok, I've looked and yes, you have the original APEX tabs and the new plugin Nav Bar showing on the page.  To remove the original APEX tabs, edit the page attributes and remove the the "Standard Tab Set" attribute.  There are other ways to do that too, like changing the page template or deleting all the tabs.


                      Also, the placement of the Nav Bar is not correct.  You're using Theme 26, so place the Nav Bar in "Region Position 8".  That will move it to the right spot.


                      For the override CSS, there are a few options.  The file can get uploaded to the the Shared Components -> Cascading Stylesheets

                      Then to reference it you use #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#enkitec-navbar-override.css  (if you specify the file is global to the workspace) or #APP_IMAGES#enkitec-navbar-override.css if you make it specific to the App.

                      The use that reference in the template or from a region on the Global Page (Page Zero).




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