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    How to disable extra visit to portal server


      hi Experts,


      I am using wcp11.1.1.8, in a customized page template with portal builder, I used an EL expression to generate link like this:



      I clicked this link, using httpwatch to monitor network traffic, found IE visited portal server twice: first visit is a "Get" method for ""http://localhost/webcenter/portal/Portal1/page1?_adf.ctrl-state=1dvjebskda_596"", result code is 200, the second visit is a "Post" method for "http://localhost/webcenter/faces/oracle/webcenter/page/scopedMD/s64679523_e5d0_454a_952a_55128e607e07/Page7.jspx?wc.contextURL=/spaces/Portal1&_adf.ctrl-state=1dvjebskda_596", result code is 200.


      If I paste this url "http://localhost/webcenter/portal/Portal1/page1?_adf.ctrl-state=1dvjebskda_596" to ie addressing  field, and press return, httpwatch showed me there is no "second visit" for "/faces/oracle/webcenter/page/scopedMD/s64679523_e5d0_454a_952a_55128e607e07/Page7".


      Seems the "second visit" is auto generated by portal framework, how to disable it?


      Best regards