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    iProcurement - Enter reqs based on itemized quote


      When we received a long itemized list of services, such as various tests or documentation services, we want to see how detailed we can make our lists.  We also want an efficient way to enter these reqs.  At a previous employer, we used an up-loader tool for iprocurement.  However, our quotes can be several pages with dozens of various services.  Are there any effective ways for us to have our requisitioners to enter an itemized list of services, but not spend hours for each quote. 

      For example:


      If we have a quote for 5 different test services and a documentation service (test 1-5 and Doc 1), and multiple quantities of each service are ordered, what is the most effective (and quickest) way to submit a requisition?  Often these are project managers or anyone on the project team reporting to the PM.  They have many other time consuming tasks.  Is an upload tool the way to go?  Or, is there a way to utilize the stores efficiently?