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      Hi ,


      After upgrading to Siebel (Open UI) from, I'm facing below issue after login in Open UI application, but not able to reproduce in Non Open UI (Activex). I'm able to log into the application, but I see welcome message is not appearing the Open UI screen, it throws below error .


      Error : "why can't i see this applet open ui cannot display this type of applet" .


      Any Suggestions to debug this issue ?



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          Open UI and Standard Interactivity don't work together.

          Make sure you only have High Interactivity Applets.

          See Supportweb: Configuration Workaround For Open UI Applet Displayed In SI (Doc ID 1528776.1)

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            Have you tried with the updated standard srf to see if IRM was successful and basic functionality works correctly?

            Blank screen with Open UI on Siebel CRM Fix Pack version and (a new SRF is required) (Doc ID 1597132.1)


            Do you have modified/custom applet?

            If so recommend recreating the applet or find the offending artifact on that object.

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              Performed the Incremental Repository Merge from to in their development environment as described in Siebel Bookshelf.

              1. Stopped the siebel services

              2. Applied latest FP on existing Siebel, followed by running IRM to complete the upgrade

              3. IRM process completed successfully performed Fresh SRF compile and replace the SRF

              4. Started siebel services

              Getting blank Blank screen with Open UI application , other application whether open UI is not enabled is coming up.


              Getting below error on open UI :

              Message: Object doesn't support this property or method

              Line: 38

              Char: 430

              Code: 0

              URI: callcenter_enu/23030/scripts/siebel/errorObject.js?_scb=

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                Prameela -Oracle

                Hi Ragu,


                The issue reported only with OPenUI on means this is something we need to check IRM process.


                Whether it has updated manifest files successfully or not. You can revisit all IRM logs whether any process failed.


                You can also find OpenUI OM log if this shows error with manifest files etc...


                Please re-validate IRM logs once.




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                  Thanks for the reply Prameela,


                  As I'm upgrading from the to, I don't have to worry about the manifest files, please correct me if this is wrong.


                  NOTE: This step applies only to upgrades with custom  Siebel Open UI manifest files for Siebel CRM Version and later, and Version and later.


                  Source : Siebel upgrage guide page number 215.





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                    Prameela -Oracle

                    Hi Ragu,


                    Yes, this will only migrate OpenUI manifest files from and later.


                    Coming to the issue, so you have upgraded from to and i hope you have created new OM for OpenUI, correct me if iam wrong.


                    Can you check below two parameters are set for OpenUI OM component


                    HighInteractivity = TRUE

                    EnableOpenUI = TRUE


                    Usually when we clone any OM component, the default value for HighInteractivity parameter will be set as "False", we need to change this manually.


                    And for OpenUI, these two parameters must be set to "TRUE"


                    Once you set these properly, please re-start the server and test the same.




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                      Thanks Prameela,


                      Apart from 2 parameters,do we have to modify any other parameter for objmgr? or any other post IRM step we have to follow ?.I observed after running upphys after IRM 3 repository (out of 4 and retained only siebel repository) got deleted from siebel schema, is it expected behaviour ?




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                        Prameela -Oracle

                        Hi Ragu,


                        The deletion of Siebel Repository is part of upghys process, it will truncate existing Siebel Repository and import the .dat file as Siebel Repository in to SIEBEL schema.


                        If no repository is existing, you can't even access HI client since HI will also use Sieebl Repository.


                        What is the result after you set above OM parameters , did you bounce siebel server after modifying parameters.,


                        If issue is still existing, cayou attach the OpenUI OM to this thread.




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                          The reason you are seeing that issue is because there are 5 tables in the database, which would be pointing to some important files for OpenUI. Sometimes, IRM does not load these 5 tables with required data. This is a part of the upgrade, and please ensure you follow the below steps to resolve your issue:


                          This is to be checked after completing IRM:

                          Query on the DB for the below 5 tables to check the number of records they hold. As per Oracle, the expected results are as shown below:


                          SQL Query with the expected results:


                          select * from SiebelDB.dbo.S_UI_EXPR -- 86 Rows expected

                          select * from SiebelDB.dbo.S_UI_FILE -- 131 Rows expected

                          select * from SiebelDB.dbo.S_UI_OBJ_EXPR -- 257 Rows expected

                          select * from SiebelDB.dbo.S_UI_OBJECT -- 167 Rows expected

                          select * from SiebelDB.dbo.S_UI_OBJ_EXP_FL -- 532 Rows expected


                          Let us know what is the record count of the above tables?




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                            Hi Ashwin,


                            We are doing upgrade from to and facing same issue in Open UI. Below is record count of tables:


                            select * from siebel.S_UI_EXPR; -- 86 Rows expected -- Actual = 86

                            select * from Siebel.S_UI_FILE; -- 131 Rows expected -- Actual = 136

                            select * from Siebel.S_UI_OBJ_EXPR; -- 257 Rows expected -- Actual = 259

                            select * from Siebel.S_UI_OBJECT; -- 167 Rows expected -- Actual = 169

                            select * from Siebel.S_UI_OBJ_EXP_FL; -- 532 Rows expected -- Actual = 537


                            Please let us know the significance of count which is more than expected .