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    Configure User Preferences?


      My company is abandoning Toad (except for certain power users and admins).  Most of us will only have SQL Developer now.  So far I am impressed with version 4.0 over the previous version and I guess I'm at the point where I want to configure the tool as much as I can to my preferences.  So I'm asking if there's any documentation on configuration settings with an explanation of what they are for and how to implement?


      As an example...filtering.  Our database has a LOT of objects and I would like to filter them out as a default when I open the program.  At present it looks like I can only filter on one parameter where Toad had a whole host of parameters that you simply clicked a checkbox to include.  There were other filters as well, some included drop down lists or text boxes where you could type in your own values.  Toad has quite an extensive list of customizable preferences.  I'm hoping SQL Developer will reach a similar point as well if it's not already in there someplace.


      If there isn't any documentation on preferences, are there any good resources or forums where such information is being shared?



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          Welcome to the club! I think you'll find SQL Developer has everything you need and most of what you want. And we're adding more and more each and every release - as you've noticed with v4.


          The preferences are documented in the Help. On the preferences page, hitting the Help or F1 button will bring up that page. MOST of them are documented. If you have specific questions, feel free to post them here.


          As for the tree filters for object lists - there is no free-hand filter where you can put in your own predicates. So you're limited to:

          • hiding MVs
          • hiding AQs
          • hiding tables in the recycle bin
          • hiding based on created or last DDL date
          • hiding based on name, with or w/o wildcards


          And you can additionally use the tables filter to specify to show synonyms as tables for users that don't actually own anything but want to see 'their objects' right away.


          I used to use your tool too, and I have a few posts over on my blog on how to do specific things in SQL Developer that you might find handy. And of course on our product page we have lots of video tutorials and hands on labs.

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            Hi Jeff,

            Thanks for the reply.  I was visiting your other site with top 10 tips and such hoping to find similar information.  Right now I'm looking at the "Global Ignore List" under preferences.  I think this is what I'm looking for but not having any luck getting it to produce any results.  So here's an example of some of the many objects I'm trying to filter out of what I see by default:


            /100c1606_StandardMidiFileRead - There are hundreds of these objects listed under "Public Synonyms".  There are also objects that begin with "_" which I would also like to ignore.  I tried adding a new filter parm but it isn't working (**/**).  I guess I don't know how to use a wildcard here.  I tried variations including the use of "*" but to no avail.  Can you give me some help?

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              Raj Jamadagni

              Based on help file that comes with Sql Developer, 'Global Ignore List' only applies to File dialog box.

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                Shucks!  Sorry I missed that.  When I saw the feature I immediately assumed it was the equivalent of the Toad filter preferences.  Oh well...I do see I can filter at the schema level and below.  I guess that will have to do for now.

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                  I hate to post this here but I can't find any other forum area where it would be better suited.  I entered my "handle" on my profile page but when I click the "Confirm email address" button it says my handle is already in use.  When I click on that handle value it takes me back to my own account!  I'm using it but it doesn't appear on my posts!  What am I doing wrong?

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                    NAME     NOT LIKE     /%


                    No quotes - this will hide the public synonyms that start with '/'

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                      Thanks for the info.  I have employed that filter and a couple others.