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    webutil_host.blocking is not working when an existing Chrome browser is already open


      Hi Everyone,


         I've a small issue which I would like to share with you and hopefully you might have come across this problems before and assist me to resolve it.


      The problem is I'm using Oracle Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production) version and in one of the Form's button I'm calling an external API to display the image in a Chrome browser and once it completes, it would return control back to the Oracle Form. In the ideal situation where there isn't any existing Chrome browser opened, the logic would work perfectly as I was using the webutil_host.blocking command that block Form processing until the Chrome browser is terminated. However, as soon as I have one or more existing Chrome browsers open, I was still able to call the external API to display the image but the locking or blocking of the Oracle Form would not work. By the way, all clients accessing the oracle Forms are using Window 7. Is that a solution for that? Is that a Chrome, OS or/and WebUtil issue? Thank you for your assistance and time.