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    Couple of questions regarding OAM integration and WebCenter Portal




      We are using OAM for securing our WebCenter Portal application. Everything works fine, other than a couple of issues.


      1. We are using securityContext.authenticated to show the logout button. But even after a logout happens, the button is displayed. After this, if we navigate to an unprotected page, the logout button disappears. I also checked the logs and even after logout, the userId can be seen in the logs. The userId comes from the providers. Is there some sort of caching mechanism that is preventing the security information from getting updated?



      2. We have a one session per user policy from OAM. So when a user is already logged in and he logs in using a different browser, his OAM session shifts to a different browser. So how to invalidate the portal session for the earlier browser? Or is there a way to shift the complete session to the other browser? As in, the state of the application.