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    Can we create a new user using Java API?

    Double A

      Here is a business work flow for the next version of the App. It requires us to be able to create DMS users from the Mobile device side.


      1. A bunch of field volunteers will visit households and collect basic profiles of individuals that they meet (Name, Gender, Age, Photo, Contact Info).

      2. We want to set this up such that the field volunteers download an app from Google Play Store. When they install the app on their mobile device, it hits our DMS (target URL etc hidden in the App).

      3. We would like to Create a User on the DMS side to help establish a Session. The user will occasionally Sync data back to our database through DMS.


      P.S: We don't really need to create a user, but our attempts to do a one way Sync have failed https://community.oracle.com/thread/2617859

      We were planning to just hardcode User credentials in the App but because one way Sync is not working, this is pulling back data uploaded by other users - not desirable


      Thanks in advance for anyone who can suggest a way forward for this.

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          Hi Anand,


          Here is what I'll suggest you:

          1) create a Java program to call DMS provided Consolidator APIs to create mobile user ids in mobile server's repository per provided user names/passwords, the Java program loads configuration which specifies a bunch of user names/passwords, mobile server URL and mobile server repository JDBC URL, thus, the it is once created and can be used for ever against different mobile server instances. This Java program will run to create bunch of mobile user ids in advance, and it can run on any platforms (Windows, Linux) only if Oracle Java SDK is supported.

          2) use a way to distribute the mobile user id/password/mobile server url to your field workers, eg. via email.

          3) on the device, the field worker downloads your business application from App Store, which will do the business, manage the embedded client databases and launch synchronization.


          PS: DMS supports one way Sync, please refer to this post: https://community.oracle.com/thread/2617859.


          Winnie Hu

          Oracle Database Mobile Server Development

          winnie.hu at oracle dot com