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Issue in Controller. Error Message not displaying description. Logs not getting recorded.

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In our custom page, we have a submit button, whenever User selects any charges (by selecting the checkbox defined at PG), the action of the button is handled, and code in PFR fires.

In most of the cases, the Submit button is working properly, but in some scenario (some specific data) it is throwing Error in the page but without any description.


For debugging the issue, we have included the SOP messages in CO and subsequently checking the logs in oacore folder of application server, but no Logs were recorded. Tried other methods for recording logs too, but none successful. No logs is getting captured.


On enabling the diagnostics in the Page, we came across the following Error message:


[1292]:EVENT:[fnd.framework.webui.OAPageErrorHandler]:OAF LOG: Event : Check Errors, in: oracle.apps.fnd.framework.webui.OAPageErrorHandler: Exception: null ,In VO: null

Controller code when Submit button is clicked (in PFR, SOP messages removed) is as follows:


        try {
            if ((pageContext.getParameter("SubmitDispute") != null)) {
                AwbChargesIPARVOImpl awbChargesVO =

                //No Charges were selected to process
                if (awbChargesVO.noChargesSelected()) {
                    throw new OAException("No Charges Selected.",

                else {
                    if (((IparInquiryAMImpl)am).canDisputeAllSelectedCharges(_invoiceNumber,
                                                                             _airbillSequenceNumber)) {                     
                        orgId = Integer.toString(pageContext.getOrgId());                                              
                        Serializable Trxparameters[] =
                        { _invoiceNumber, _invoiceSequenceNumber,
                          _airbillNumber, _airbillSequenceNumber,
                          oracleDisputeReason, "A", "0000", dispComments, orgId,

                        response =
                                am.invokeMethod("processDisp", Trxparameters);

                    } else {                   
                        throw new OAException("Charges already Disputed");

            pageContext.putDialogMessage(new OAException(response.toString(),

        } catch (Exception ex) {       
            pageContext.putDialogMessage(new OAException(ex.getMessage(),
        finally {     
            pageContext.forwardImmediatelyToCurrentPage(null, true,


Please help in providing pointers for debugging the issue.


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