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    Responsive and WebCenter


      we are building a high traffic health care site in webcenter. we also have to deliver this webcenter application on moile devices like tablet, IPhones , Ipad etc. we are thinking of using Responsive design and technologies. Would like to know :


      what are challenges when using Responsive with WebCenter. does ADF GEL well with Responsive ? and if we use Responsive technologies, how do we invoke the server side objects, ? would we be using data bindings / data controls / MVC ?


      My guess is with Responsive, the ADF UI layer would just vanish. ?



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          Yannick Ongena

          Which version of webcenter are you using?

          If not, you should upgrade to .8 because that release has exactly what you need. It allows you to make pages targetted for specific platforms. You could for example create a home page for desktop, seperate one for iphone,  ipad, android and so on. WebCenter will check the user browser and display the correct one.

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            we are using

            we do not want to use separate code (separate templates) for IPad, Desktop, Iphone etc. That is adaptive approach.


            we want implement Responsive approach. Meaning ----    one fluid grid code base (HTML 5 plus  media query plus css3 ) -  delivered to multiple devices. single codebase will then self render correctly on all these devices including regular desktop.


            Is this possible ? any use case / sample ?

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              Why are you using webcenter for this? What features does webcenter offer that you need for an app like this?