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    Validation Error Does Not Show Row/Column in Manual Tabular form

    Ahmed Alsaied

      Hi ,

      i use apex 4.2 ,i created manual tabular form and i make validation on it

      Validation Type : Function Returning Error Text

      Validation Expression 1:-

         l_error   VARCHAR2 (4000);
         XX        number:=0;
         FOR i IN 1 .. apex_application.g_f33.COUNT  LOOP
           -- if apex_application.g_f31  is not null then 
                XX:= XX +NVL(apex_application.g_f34 (i),0);
           -- end if;
         END LOOP;
       IF XX <> :P442_PAY_VAL AND XX <> 0 THEN 
      return 'The total credit value must equal '|| :P442_PAY_VAL;
         END IF;


      Error Massage display location : Inline with filed and notification 


      but the error massage not show in column , what can i do , i need some help please .