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    Can't do anything to table->data tab after cancelling initial query


      When I select a table and go to "Data" tab, sqldeveloper executes initial query to fetch first 50 rows. While it does so, "refresh", "add" etc. icons, and "Sort..." button are blocked. The problem is, if I cancel that initial query, icons and buttons STAY grayed-out, so I can't refresh the table. Pressing enter on "filter:" field also doesn't work. The only way to restore functionality is close the tab and open it again.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1) Open a large table

      2) Filter it with some query

      3) Sort results

      4) Close the tab

      5) Open the table again. "Sort" settings persist, so SQLDeveloper starts running a very long query

      6) Press "Cancel Query" in the appearing box


      Canceling the query somehow resets persisted Sort settings, so it works fine next time I open the table.