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    how to increase Java 64-bit heap size on SQL datamodeler (cause: Java out of Memory error)?


      Hi Folks,


      i am doing reverse engieering of a complex datamodel. After selecting all the tables i need from dictionary, it takes a while for the model to be drawn (which will not suceed) - after little time, CPU load increases to around 100%, Memory usage stops at around 1 GB. I tried it several times (each try took me at least one hour, as i had to reselect all the 305 tables out of more than a thousand by hand :-( )  but always got the heap Memory error: Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC Overhead Limit exceeded

      I re-downloded SQL datamodeler, same issue.


      I currently use JRE 1.7 64 bit and SQL datamodeler current version 64 bit (


      I tried to enlarge heap in the datamodeler64.conf -->     AddVMOption -xmx2g

      but still heap max size is at 768MB - under main menu --> help --> info --> properties   -  This conf-setting seems not to have any effect.



      Please help, i really do not have any further clue and i Need this Thing done today....


      Thanks so much in advance!