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    Problem of conversion


      Hi all of you,

      I have an apex application located in Germany,database have NLS_CHARACTERSET = WE8ISO8859P15,the problem is when user put a text in an item text , textarea or rich text editor

      for exemple this text „Externes Kalkulatorenmodul Light“ ,the result in database is ¿Externes Kalkulatorenmodul Light¿ ,even in the application it display ¿Externes Kalkulatorenmodul Light¿ .

      I would like to ask if apex has an option or something to convert or to maintain these special character before saving them in database.


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          Mike Kutz

          I can repeat the problem on by 11g database which is WE8ISO8859(something).

          However, it works on my 12c database which is AL32UTF8.


          Since you are going to be using multiple languages, I highly recommend that you convince the powers-that-be to convert the database to AL32UTF8.