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    How to change look and feel (Style) for  ADF Table (<af:table>) Pagination?



      We currently have a requirement  to change the look and feel (style) of af:table pagination.

      When we disable content compression in web.xml :



      I am able see style class .af_table_navbar and other classes for Page Navigation.

      When i create same classes in portal-skin.css with DISABLE_CONTENT_COMPRESSION set to  True - Default classes are overridden and i can see new look and  feel  but  it is not working with DISABLE_CONTENT_COMPRESSION set to false.

      .af_table_navbar {

      background-color: #FFFFFF !important;


      .af_table_navbar-row-range-text, .af_dvt-pivotTable_navbar-row-range-text, .af_dvt-gantt_navbar-row-range-text, .af_dvt-pivotTable_navbar-row-range-text, .af_dvt-gantt_navbar-row-range-text {

      color: #585955; 

      padding-left: 8px; 

      vertical-align: middle;

      white-space: nowrap;


      Please let me know the actual classes to be overridden in portal-skin.css when content compression is not disabled?

      Ex: af|Table::Navbar ???

      Do we have any other way to change the style for pagination?


      Platform : WebCenter/ADF -


      Thank you,