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    How to listening to DML transactions in a Table using Dynamic Actions


      Hi guys,

      I have a finger printer scanner application and an Apex application.I would like to know how  i could use Dynamic Actions to listening to DML operation in a database.


      I use the Apex application to capture biographic information ,on a click of a button it initiates a dynamic action  which locks the screen with a processing GIF

      where it   sends an  update STATE  (1) to the  transaction table required.

       update transaction
             set fpsmstate         = 1,
                 FPSMCaptureMethod = p_FPSMCaptureMethod,
                 FingerprintXML    = null,
                 fpsmerrormsg =null
           where transaction_id = p_transaction_id;

      the finger print scanner listens to the transaction table  fo this  state (1)

      and then triggers the software to run. when it is done  processing of the fingers, it updates the transaction table  a state to (3 ).

      At this time i the dynamic action   removes the processing GIF.

      Any help would be appreciated.