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    Clarification in SQLDe 4.0



      One of my Customer is on the migrating front. He is evaluating SQLDeveloper 4.0 for usage across his organization. He has the following set of queries before going for it.


      1) We have observed that the tool doesn’t report any unreferenced/unused parameters or variables declared in a program during compilation. Is there any way we can achieve this?

      2) How can we make the tool highlight other schema objects usage in the current schema?

      3) Can we generate Flow chart  for the input code passed using this tool?

      4) We have also observed that in case of a sudden crash due to a software or hardware failure, all the queries and open tabs in the tool get closed and are lost. Is there any way we can force the tool to save the instance and recover it in case of a failure or crash?


      While I guess Question 3 is addressed through Sql Data Modeler, the other 3 questions needs addressing. Can someone throw some input on the same?