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    help on using authentication and authorization scheme from external authenticated user


      Hello everyone,


      I'm using some applications on APEX ver 4.2.4 and I need to develop others,

      my problems is the authentication, my company use an internally developed web portal where the user logs in and after the login he gets a fat list of link to several web application and also some link to my APEX Applications,

      and here the user needs to logs in again. In my APEX application I have already set the authentication

      scheme to match the same table where user and password are stored so the user use the same credentials. I have also set the authorization scheme to match some requirements per page.

      Now my next step would be to bypass the APEX login and keep to using our Web Portal login (that is a simple jsp with a query on a table) and go to the APEX application

      already authenticated and keep using the authorization scheme per page.

      My Idea was to call a function (if exists) that simulate a login where I get as return value a SESSION ID, to put this value in the link, Am I on a right way?

      or there are other ways to do this?

      thanks in advance