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    serverType is set to an unrecognized value: "wlx"


      I am using weblogic 12.1.2 and trying to start the Admin server with the wlx option, but I get this notification:

      -DserverType is ste to an unrecognized value: "wlx". The server will start with all services enabled.


      According to this:



      "If the Administration Server is started as a lighter weight run-time instance, the Administration Console does not display links to JMS, EJB, and Resource Adapters. This provides a visual cue regarding the server type of the Administration Server. However, if the Administration Server is started as the default server type (that is, not started using the wlx server type option), the Administration Console does not distinguish lighter weight Managed Server instances that are running in the domain."


      I am setting the value using the admin console > Environments > servers > admin then going to the "Configuration" tab and "start servers" sub tab. For the "arguments" I am setting it to:

      -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -DserverType=wlx

      (it won't let me put wlx in quotes and the heap dump is for something else)

      Then I restart the server using wlst talking to the node mgr.


      Using the -DServerType='wlx' works fine for the managed servers (no errors)


      Any hints are appreciated Thanks.