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    Restful web service result - save to item

    Earl Lewis

      I'm trying to save a RESTful web service result to a page or application item and it's just not happening. I've tested the web service inside and outside of Apex and it's working, meaning I submit the request with a query value and a result is sent back in response.


      When you setup a web services process in an Apex page it gives you the option of saving the result in an item or a collection. I'm picking item and specifying an item to save the result to. When I run the page (submit the restful request) I can see that it runs and retrieves a result but it's not getting saved into the page (or application) item. When I look at the page debug I can see the result and the very next action in the debug stream is to try to set the value of the item with the result and it says: Session State: Save "P11_JSON_RESULT" - saving same value: ""  In other words, it's not setting the item value.


      I've looked into the different settings for the page item (always replace, only when null, etc.) and changing those doesn't seem to make any difference. Anyone have any ideas about this?