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    assertion failed solaris studio 12.3


      Compiling a quite long and complex code with higher optimization level then -O0 I get the error below:


      assertion failed in function intel_risc2fstk() @ assign.c:3578

      assert(opnd2 == -1 || op == POP_F || fx_(opnd2) >= 0)


      cc: ube failed for b4soild.c

      make[4]: *** [b4soild.lo] Error 1


      It is not easy to prepare a simple testcase but it can be reproduced by building the ngspice executable

      of the open source project ngspice - Browse /ng-spice-rework/26 at SourceForge.net




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          Please note that -O0 (dash oh zero) is not a supported option, and is not equivalent to omitting all -O (or -xO) options. The -O0 option is primarily for the use of compiler support engineers in diagnosing incorrect compiler behavior. As a workaround for this compiler bug, please just omit all -O or (-xO) options when compiling the affected file.


          This looks like bug 15760611, which I don't believe has yet been fixed in Studio 12.3, although it has been fixed in the development compiler that will become the next Studio release. Watch this space for an announcement of an Open Beta program for the next release.

          If you have an Oracle service contract for Solaris Studio, you can file a bug report and an escalation via My Oracle Help, or your support channel.

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