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    Triggers and Permissions


      I am currently evaluating Oracle SQL Developer (Version as a potential replacement for Toad and ER/Studio.

      First of all thanks in advance for any help. I have been looking on and off for two days looking for these answers in advance. I have not historically been a SQL developer user, but I do like what I see so far.


      From The database side:

      1. Connections. I am used to Toad where it is harder to accidentally connect to da database then it is using this tool. I like that I can set colors, but when you have a lot of conenctions it is not apparent enough as to which database you are currently connected to when you have multiple databases open (Since the scripts are all grouped in the same window). Is there a way to have the background (Of the entire script area - currently white) change to match the color associated to the connection name? Right now it seems nly a 1 pixels border around it changes. The problem here is if you set the color very bright and extreme then you cannot read the connection names from the list. Dark enough to read and it blends in to much with the blue in the tool. This is a larger issue for production.


      From the Data Modeler side:

      1. While I have been able to successfully import, create new tables and relationships in a relational model I have not been able to figure out how create triggers (Example cascading deletion triggers, APPL_UPDATE_DT triggers, or triggers to call event based functions). Sequences are no issue.

      2. Also I can see the script generates permissions for users for tables that I import from an existing database, but I cannot figure out where to see these values in the tool (to edit them or to add them for new tables I am adding).

      3. Is there any more in depth documentation on the tool. I am not looking for how to  write DDL as I can already do this manually, but how to use the tool better?