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    java web start security dialog with Java 7 update 51

    Simone Bonini

      I build a Java Web Start application signed with a valid certificate.

      When I star the application the security dialog appear correctly as show in this figure






      My issue is about the "do not show again" checkbox.

      If the attributes href are present in the jnlp tag of the jnlp file the checkbox appear.

      If the attribute are not present, the checkbox doesn't appear and the run needs to be confirmed every time.



      <jnlp spec="1.0+" codebase=





      This is a problem because my jnlp file is under a password protected directory and if href is specifed, the Java Web Start application try to retrieve it as the other resources. ( result in access denied because only the browser session is authenticated and the run fails)



      The documentation at Deploying a Java Web Start Application said:


      The codebase and href attributes are optional when deploying Java Web Start applications that will run on at least the Java SE 6 update 18 release or later. You must specify the codebase and href attributes when deploying Java Web Start applications that will run with previous releases of the Java Runtime Environment software.


      What is the right code? With href or without?

      Is this a BUG or a feature?

      How can I show the "don't show again" checkbox without having to specify the href attribute?