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Solaris performance

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I am having a rather hard time narrowing down a problem.  Ultimately I have a Sparc box running Solaris 11 with 2 zones.


Resource allocation (each zone)

3 cores (8threads each) dedicated

8Gb of memory

~60Gb harddrive space.


Each zone has an Oracle 12c Multitenant database with 1 pluggable database in each.  The database is quite small (~approx 22Gb) and pretty close to identical data.

The problem is the performance tends to be quite sluggish overall.  I run apex applications out of the database and nightly backups.  I would also consider the usage of the database to be low and sporadic.

The reason why it has been tough to diagnose is there really doesn't seem to be anything that stands out. The performance just seems lower then it should be when compared to the old servers.


Overall every process takes longer and I was wondering if I could get some help in where to look. One thing I know for sure is it has slower disk which can account for some of the performance loss.


After spending quite a bit of time reading and looking at probable sources for the problems I have come up empty handed with regards to the culprit.


I believe there is something that I am missing.  The performance fluctuates quite a bit and the most bothersome part about it is none of the standard diagnostic tools indicate a problem.

The CPU usage is low, the State (top/prstat -Z) never exceeds approx 15% of processing power( majority of the time its around 2%)

The load average sits around .3 on the low end and goes up to about 1.7 during peak times (again cpu usage is only around 6-10%)

Disk IO is slower with avgsvc_t peaking around 1sec during heavy reads.

The amount of free ram on the system sits around 2Gb and never dips into the swap space. (2Gb allocated to the database, have the other server sitting at 5Gb to the database, doesn't seem to make a difference)


I guess has anybody scene a scenario like this or have some tips for me?


Thanks, much appreciated.


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