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    EBS 12  (VMworkstation-XP) Loading problem


      Hello experts,

                    I am new in oracle aaps,I am using EBS-R12 on windows -XP in VM workstation7 which is installed in windows 7.My system configuration is:

      Processor:-core i5 second gen Intel.

      Hard Disk :-500GB

      RAM :-4 GB

      OS :-Windows 7 64 bit.

      VM workstation :-Version 7.

      OS in VM for EBS suite:-Windows Xp.

      EBS suite:-R12.

      Now my company DBA has installed EBS R12 on my laptop for practice.He advise me not to turn off XP, he said to suspend VM(virtual machine) always.As he said I do.In starting EBS R12 works in good condition but Now It Load so late.Even My Windows xp os load so late in Virtual machine and XP did not load properly,It hangs.Please suggest me what should I do.What would I have to do if I power off Windows XP in VMworkstation7.Will EBS R12 not work properly.

      Thank You