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    Unable to acces Spatial information from a database schema using MapViewer




      I have the mapviewer deployed on a managed WebLogic 11gR1 server, on port=7002.


      I can access the MapViewer Console as:

      http://<weblogic ip>:7002/mapviewer


      I have a database schema MVDEMO that containts table with Spatial information.

      With the above Console, I was able to create a data source (database source connection).


      But I get: Error 404--Not Found

      When I try this url:


      Ports 7001, 7002 are open.


      Is 7002 a correct port to access the Spatial information through MapViewer?

      Does someone know how to access the Spatial information of MVDEMO through he MapViewer?


      Thanks by advance for any indication.


      Kind Regards.