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    Apache or OHS


      Which is better for weblogic 12c, the oracle http server (OHS) or core apache? I know that  OHS is a customized version of apache for use with oracle applications. but can ohs handle many requests as apache, and is it a good practice to use OHS with weblogic 12c for production environments, or does it have some issues?

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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle



          I would say use OHS instead of Apache even though both of the components are similar but you will get support help on OHS instead of apache.


          coming FMW from 11g onwards to 12c OHS is recommendable from oracle side.




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            Hi Kal,


            Oracle http server offers extra modules than that of Apache.


            1. mod_certheaders

            2. mod_dms

            3. mod_onsint

            4  mod_oradav

            5  mod_ossl

            6  mod_osso

            7  mod_plsql

            8  mod_wl_ohs

            Also in case of any issues or bugs that you encounter with this webserver, Oracle will be able to get a fix .