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    14 days to retake exam


      Hi all,

      sorry for the question, but it's not clear for me.

      I failed the 1Z0-053 exam on 17th of january 2014, can I retake it on 31th of january 2014?


      I know I have to wait 14 days, but I'm not sure if the 31th is the last day I should wait, or the first after the "wait-period".


      Thanks in advance.


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          Matthew Morris

          Brandye, the forum administrator is probably the only person who can answer that.  However, since I would imagine that waiting period is enforced from the Pearson Vue side, you might be able to determine it by experimentation.  Go to the Pearson Vue site and see if you can schedule an appointment that is definitely within the waiting period, like January 25th (obviously without finalizing the appointment).  If it prevents you from doing so, then there is a mechanism in the scheduler that enforces the 14-day wait.  If that happens, try the same thing for January 31st and see if that is also blocked.


          Update the thread with what happens.  It's an interesting question.

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            It seems PearsonVue doesn't get any kind of check about retake-time. I could set an appointment also for tomorrow!

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              Matthew Morris

              Best to wait for Brandye then.  She will be able to give you an official answer. Nothing that I can find in the FAQ gives sufficient information to determine it, and I could make arguments either way on the status of January 31st.  The easiest thing would be to schedule the exam for February 1st, but at this point I am curious what the official policy is.

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                I got response from OCP-support team:


                Please note that Candidates must wait 14 days before retaking a failed proctored exam. You can schedule the retake exam on 31 January 2013. We request you to visit our web site at http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=138#2_1 to view the retake exam policy.

                So, I can retake it! 

                My problem, is that if I loose 31/01 date I'll postpone the exam of about 3 weeks.

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                  Brandye Barrington-Oracle

                  FYI to everyone - Retake registration is allowed on the 14th day.



                  Brandye Barrington

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