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    jQuery tooltip stops working after dynamic action region refresh


      Hi guys,


      Required:  The report should be refreshed every minute, should have a pagination which doesn't reloads the page and a tooltip displayed on mouseEnter event on the value of the report


      My solution: I'm using Oracle Timer Plug-in and pagination which both don't submit page but just refresh the region. I also have a jQuery function in a page header that creates tooltips.


      The problem:  After the first refresh (or changing a page) my tooltip isn't displayed anymore on that region.


      This is the jQuery code:


      function detailedStatusListToolTip() {
          this.xOffset = 0; // x distance from mouse
          this.yOffset = 10; // y distance from mouse
              function(e) {
                  var insideText = jQuery(".detailedListTooltip",this).html();
                  this.top = (e.pageY + yOffset); this.left = (e.pageX + xOffset);
                  $('body').append('<div id="detailedStatusListToolTip">' + insideText + '</div>' );
          $('div#detailedStatusListToolTip').css("top", this.top+"px").css("left", this.left+"px").delay(500).fadeIn("fast");
              function() {
              function(e) {
              this.top = (e.pageY + yOffset);
              this.left = (e.pageX + xOffset);
              jQuery("div#detailedStatusListToolTip").css("top", this.top+"px").css("left", this.left+"px");


      I call the function on the page load: detailedStatusListToolTip();


      I'm using APEX 4.2.2, IE 8


      Thanks forward for your help!




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