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    Problem importing objects from data dictionary (Version 3.3)

    Dennis DS

      Hello all,


      I am trying to import objects (some tables) from the database (File > Import > Data Dictionary) with SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.3


      I have over 400 tables and 30 subviews in my model and need to add several more tables (about 20 or 30) when I have imported the objects the "Compare Model" dialog pops up.

      In the filter properties tab under "options" I canot seem to find "Abbreviations". (I can find it when I import from another design, though) After import every table's abbreviation (not just the ones I import) is overwritten with a blank. This gives problems when importing the model to another one. It detects a change in every single table since the abbreviation is missing in the source. This way I have to check each of the 400 tables if it is only the abbreviation missing or more.


      So in short: Every time I add objects from the database, every table in the model loses its abbreviation.


      Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


      Thank you in advance,