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    Using a Single Credentials for the Multiple Users


      Hi Oracle Team ,


      We are in the process of creating a Android App and communicate it to DMS for all the data to and fro .


      Following  this post Creating the Application User dynamically on the device  , we tested the App with single credential ,


      We found a Strange behavior of the App  when it is tested from the two different devices  with same username/pwd/url,


      Usecase :


      Device 1 : Added 5 records and synced . Sync successful .All data in server

      Device 2 : Added 5 different records and synced . Sync Successful . No data of Device 2 in server but all the data added by Device 1 and which was in server before sync is in Device 2 .

                      The data added by Device 2 is missing , where it is ? , I checked the data in the $tables as well, no data ,


      Is it a Snapshot issue ? , Why data is missing ?  is it a defect or can't use DMS that way ?