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    Subversion Question - When to Check Out


      SDDM on WIndows 7, SVN 1.8.5, Visual SVN Server Manager 2.7.3 Standard Edition

      I am going through the Marci Young tutorials on Colaborative Development (3.1) and have read the SDDM documentation for using SVN and can't find the answer to a very simple question.  If I save my first new design (import from designer) into the local working directory and add the design to version control, is the remote directory checked in automatically?  Do I have to check it back out before importing from the data dictionary?  I am used to version control that indicates if you have checked out a design or not.  How can I tell if the version is checked out?  Do I need to check it out again before I can see pending changes?  And do I have to check the design out after every commit?

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          Doesn't look like I have to explicitly check out a design.  I guess what other tools call checkout is locking in SVN.

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            Philip Stoyanov-Oracle

            Hi Marcus,


            here is a book on Subversion Version Control with Subversion


            1) you check out once into local working copy (WC) and after that you can change, commit and update that working copy - through pending changes, no need of another check out

            2) WC keeps last synchronized status, so you can compare against it or revert to it without need to be connected to SVN repository

            3) Lock is just a flag telling to other users that you want to work exclusively on that resource - that doesn't mean someone else cannot steal the lock; In our daily work we do not use locking - using merge if conflicts appear

            4) you can check-out another revision of your design and compare both versions using "compare/merge models" or "import of Data Modeler design"



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              Thanks for the clarification.  I have the book but haven't had time to read it.  Guess I need to make time.  Until then, if it isn't too much trouble, I have another question. 

              I checked out the latest version into a new WC2.  I decided I don't want to do anything with WC2.  How do I get rid of WC2? If I just delete the folder in the OS, will SVN server get confused?  How do I undo a checkout?

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                The SVN book is helpful.  I figured out that since the server does not retain any information about the WC (it is all in the .svn folder of the WC folder) I can use OS to delete the WC folder and it is gone.  No harm, no foul in the repository.