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    Custom Color Picker using Radio buttons??

    ABD - DBA

      I'm trying to create a custom color picker as Apex color picker has tooo many colors.  I thought a radio button would work if I could program the text to also display the color, but the following sql shows the formatted text in the result.


      SELECT  '<font color="'||color_id||'"><b>'||color_name||'</b></font>' d, color_name r FROM colors


      <font color="#F0F8FF"><b>AliceBlue</b></font>

      <font color="#FAEBD7"><b>AntiqueWhite</b></font>

      <font color="#00FFFF"><b>Aqua</b></font>

      <font color="#7FFFD4"><b>Aquamarine</b></font>


      I know I can make text different colors in a report using this technique.


      Any ideas?




      Application Express