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    Managing Payment Application  BP in Primavera unifier







      In the payment Application BP How can I update Line Items using CBS which is linked with P6 Activities [I l want get percent complete on each line item from Primavera P6




      Is there any Ability to use Payment Application BP to be used to manage Budgeted Contracts



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          Ray McEntee -Oracle

          Q1 - It is not currently possible to link a line item on a Contract/Invoice to an activity in P6. I would be curious to understand how you are expecting to use this. It typically is not a one to one relationship with a line on a contract to one line on a schedule. It is more typically many lines on a schedule for one line on a contract. How would you expect to be able to roll up progress from multiple lines on a schedule to a line on the invoice.?


          Q2 - I'm assuming you are referring to an EPC type model where the EPC is invoicing the Owner with a Pay App and the Subs anre invoicing the EPC with a Pay App. Unfortunately it is only possible to include one Pay App type business process within a project. What we have done in the past is us the same BP for both types of contract. You can use different workflows and assign different forms if needed. The only limitation with thisis that you can only have one detail form. You can limit which DE's are editable on each of these detail forms by using a Dynamic Data Set Behavior Set based on a pull down that defines whether the record os for an Owned or Sub.

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            I am expecting to do this automatic update using CBS which i have defined on contract line items and the same CBS I have assigned on the activity


            so whatever the progress on the activities linked with the same CBS code it will be transferred to the line item linked with the same CBS Code


            Kindly advice

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              Rudy Ising


              To clarify on the original post, Contract Management (both current and older versions) and P6 have the ability to link pay applications to P6 schedule activities and then update the pay application percent complete based on the progress percent in P6.  This does require some alignment between the P6 schedule and the application Schedule of Values, but is possible through the use of Summary activities in P6 if the P6 detail is more complex than the Schedule of Values.


              To clarify the second question, as long as the Schedule of Value elements match up in the same P6 schedule for both Budget and Commitments applications, you could perform this functionality in both in CM.

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                Inma Arevalo



                I am looking for the same functionality. Have you discovered anything new? What we are looking for is to track Activity Progress at Line Item Level in Primavera Unifier (as it is currently in CM).


                I would like to ask you also, if you have managed to show activity progress at any level. I have tried with tags but the information does not update when activity changes.


                Thank you.

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                  Rudy Ising

                  First, in the current releases of Unifier, a P6 schedule may be linked to a Unifier shell, and there is functionality which takes the P6 schedule information and pushes the data to the Unifier Schedule Sheet.  Second, in the current version, Unifier>P6 linking supports ONE CBS code per P6 ACTIVITY, even though the Unifier Schedule Sheet supports multiple CBS per activity.


                  Next, what you're asking to do is to update the Payment Application Schedule of Values (SOV) according to percentage complete in P6 activities, similar to what was done with the P6 > Primavera Contract Management linking and functions.


                  As far as I know, the base product BP's do not include this functionality.  Presuming that your schedule links to CBS and and your SOV in Unifier are configured properly, I would think it would be possible to build that functionality, but drawing from the Unifier Schedule Sheet rather than P6 directly.  I have not formally built or tested this kind of functionality yet, however.  Not sure if Oracle plans to incorporate any of this into any of the base-product content that is made available.


                  It will be interesting to see if Oracle plans to further integrate Unifier/P6 into a unified red-stack configuration rather than rely on a push of P6 data over to the Unifier Schedule Sheet.


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                    I am by no means a Primavera Unifier Expert as a matter of fact I only started working with the product this year, we had the same requirement on a project recently.

                    We ended up building an extension to Primavera Unifier that basically creates the Payment Application BP and updates the percent complete on each line item with data from Primavera P6/SOV using Primavera Unifier web services.


                    Maybe this might be an option until the next release of Primavera Unifier or Primavera Gateway, Perhaps Oracle will consider improving the existing Primavera P6/Unifier Integration.


                    Hope this helps..



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                      Rudy Ising

                      As a further update, one of our Unifier consultants has built a BP where the P6 progress is imported into the Unifier Schedule Sheet, and then that percent complete assigned in the Payment Requisition line item.  It is not a direct (P6 > Unifier Pay Req) link, but rather through the Unifier Schedule Sheet.


                      I expect that future Unifier versions will be more closely integrated to the P6 schedule tool, which could further simplify or facilitate these tasks.


                      As mentioned before, currentl Unifier versions support one CBS (cost code) per Activity, and does support multiple activities to the same CBS.  But it does not support Multiple CBS (cost codes) per activity.