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    How to let someone connect to my Apex laptop instance?



      I'm running Apex 4.2 on a windows7 laptop.  I can access the URL by http://mymachinename:8080/apex/f?p=104 but when I ask someone else on the same network to access they get page not found.  Any suggestions on where to open port 8080?  This is a corporate laptop and I don't see the firewall option in control panel.



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          Are they getting an actual 'Page Not Found' error or something more along the lines of 'Host not found'?


          Here are a couple of things to consider:


          1. Depending on your network setup, the user may not actually be able to resolve your IP from 'mymachinename'. Try to supply the user with your network IP address to use instead of your machine name.
          2. You mention that it's a corporate laptop, but not whether you're at home on a personal network or on the corporate network.
            1. If you're on a personal network and would like for somebody on the outside to connect in, you'll need to setup port forwarding on personal network (you'll need to google instructions for your specific router).
            2. If you're on the corporate network, i'm sure network security has blocked requests to port 80/8080 on all machines not whitelisted to offer such a service. You may need to go through your data security department to get an execption setup.