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    Can't create new OM For MTS Service Under Windows XP

      Hi all:

      I get a "Unable to locate the executable for the Oracle Service For MTS in the Chosen Oracle Home Directory. The service will not be created or midified. Please verify that Oracle Services for MTS is installed in the choosen Oracle Home" error.

      My machine has Windows XP Profesional with Oracle 8.1.6 on it. I guess that the bottomline here is that I don't have OM for MTS installed on my machine, but the Oracle Universal Installer never prompts me wether I wan't MTS suppor or not. It simply doesn't!

      I have tried to install the client tools but it doesn't solve the problem. My guess here is that OUI doesn't see neither MTS nor COM+ (the COM+ it expects), and assumes that I don't need COM+ support.

      Any Idea?