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Dilemma around material issue from stores

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A national water management authority is replacing their paper-based systems with Oracle.  They have sufficient licenses of Oracle Purchasing but not enough of Inventory and none of Order Management.


Departments send in their material requests for approval to their departmental managers.  After approval, a departmental representative picks up the material from stores.  This process is entirely now on paper.  In my opinion, Move Orders is the "best" Oracle solution for this?  Am I right?


However, our hands are tied by the constraint of fixed Inventory licenses.  The number of requesters is many times more.  To get around, we plan to have departmental batch user IDs in Oracle e.g. ACCOUNTING_DEPARTMENT_STORES_REQUESTER.  Employees will enter their Move Order requests with their departmental user IDs and use the Reference field for their internal employee numbers.  Is this the only option?






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    Cant talk about the licenses but based on business requirement, you are right, Oracle Move Order will help you request items from store and then allocate and transact the move order to issue out the material.

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    If you are open for customization you can try following.


    0. create a dummy subinventory ..say DEPT ...(or u can also create multiple subinventories for each department ..)

    1. Let the users create Internal Requisitions using their named user name ... here source organization and destination organization will be same but source subinventories will be stores and destination subinventory will be the DEPT subinventory.

    2. Let it go for approval to department heads.

    3. Once approved, write a custom concurrent program that will look for the approved IRs with destination subinventory = DEPT, and create Approved Move Orders of type Move Order Issue ...here Issue-To-Account should be derived based on Department. You can populate some DFF field on move order header with the reference of the Internal Requisition Id (This link will also be used in the IR selection criteria).

    There are Public APIs available to create Move Orders.

    (Requisition Approval workflow can also be modified to call the custom procedure, instead of scheduled concurrent program)

    4. Now Stores user (an Inventory user) will allocate and transact the material to department against the issue





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