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    Document Library in APEX 4.2.4


      On Dec 19, I read in article http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/apex/overview/apex-42-new-features-1867076.pptx

      on page 26 that one of the productivity Applications is "Document Library".


      After I installed the patch from Metalink, I was not able to identify that Packaged app. Can someone help on how to locate and install that particular application?


      Now I checked it again and it is not there. Someone removed it.


      Is there any plan to upgrade the original app that came out with APEX 3.2 any time soon?


      Thank you

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          David Gale-Oracle



          I'm not seeing a reference to "Document Library" in the slide deck you linked to, nor have we created a packaged application with that name. If it was referenced in an earlier version of the slide deck, that was an error. (And, of course, there's the disclaimer on slide 3.)


          As to our plans: to date, we have not been upgrading any old applications to our new system, instead focusing on building new applications that we felt would be useful. That said, a Document Library does sound like it might be a very useful application; would you mind spending some time detailing what sorts of features you'd like to have?