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    FDM Attribute Dimension information


      Hi all,


      did anyone successfully access attribute dimension information in the Export / any other Adapter script in FDM?

      The integration is from a MultiLoad to Essbase.


      I am working on a solution to make information that is imported to an attribute dimension available in the export script to pass that information line by line to a separate file on the server.

      The point were I am stuck right now is to get the attribute dimension information.


      The rsexport recordset only contains the active target dimensions and no attribute dimension information (as far as I can see...).

      I did not find any fitting fTrialBalance yet (fTrialBalanceConvertedCrossTab is used as standard in the export script).


      The use-case is to upload additional information to FDM and pass it via export script to a file for further actions.


      I highly appreciate your thougts on this.