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Where do I find AutoVue API documentation?

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Where can I find documentation for the AutoVue API, like Vue3DController and other classes on the client-side?


I have trawled the Oracle sites for hours and have found these:



The first is high-level beginners stuff and a lot about markup, and the second looks like internal documentation.


Is there any available online documentation or a book on amazon or something that can guide an AutoVue newbie thru the datamodel?


Examples of what I want to do:

1. After loading a 3D model in the viewer I need to programmatically find an entity, for instance an IfcSpace that has index #333070 and GUID 2KtACGjzPBgPt36WOq8W2E .

Reading the javadoc I would have thought that gettting a Vue3DController and then calling findEntity( 333070) would simply return a VueEntity for the IfcSpace, but of course it's not that simple: findEntity returns null.

Funny thing is that using the Edit->Entity Search in the JVue menubar, it DOES find 333070.


This is the basics of my applet code. Am I missing something important? (Yes, I know I am, but what is it


public class MY_Avue_Applet extends JVue {


    private Vue3DController vue3dCtl = null;



    public MY_Avue_Applet()


        super( false, false);





     * @param oid this is the #xxxx linenumber from the ifc-file

     * For example,  #333070= IFCSPACE('2KtACGjzPBgPt36WOq8W2E',#13,'070',$,$,#333067,#333052,'Gang',.ELEMENT.,.INTERNAL.,$);


     * @param show true to turn the room on, false to turn it off

     * @return


    public boolean showRoom( int oid, boolean show)


        VueBean vuebean = getActiveVueBean();

        VueBeanController vuebeanCtl = vuebean.getController();


        vue3dCtl = vuebeanCtl.get3DController();

        VueEntity vueentity = vue3dCtl.findEntity( oid);

        if ( vueentity != null) {


        else {

            System.out.println( "CFM_Avue_Applet: oid " + oid + " not found.");






2. Set the transparency of the whole model.


3. Add a VueEntity, like a polygon or an icon to the view of the model (not as a permanent part of the file that the view is based on)?


Thanks in advance



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