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    s8 -> s10 luupgrade fails


      Hello folks,


      i'm struggling to upgrade solaris 8u2 10/00 to solaris 10u11. After successful creation of new ABE with lucreate, luupgrade fails with following error:

      luupgrade -u -n s10u11-abe-20140123 -s /mnt/iso -k /usr/localcw/opt/sau/etc/sysidcfg -j /var/tmp/u11_profile 2>&1


      luupgrade is running, this may take a while to display results, please be patient


      67352 blocks

      miniroot filesystem is <lofs>

      Mounting miniroot at </mnt/iso/Solaris_10/Tools/Boot>

      WARNING: Unable to encrypt registration credentials.  Automatic registration disabled.

      Validating the contents of the media </mnt/iso>.

      The media is a standard Solaris media.

      The media contains an operating system upgrade image.

      The media contains <Solaris> version <10>.

      Constructing upgrade profile to use.

      Locating the operating system upgrade program.

      Checking for existence of previously scheduled Live Upgrade requests.

      Creating upgrade profile for BE <s10u11-abe-20140123>.

      Determining packages to install or upgrade for BE <s10u11-abe-20140123>.

      Performing the operating system upgrade of the BE <s10u11-abe-20140123>.

      CAUTION: Interrupting this process may leave the boot environment unstable

      or unbootable.

      ERROR: Installation of the packages from this media of the media failed; pfinstall returned these diagnostics:


      Processing profile


      Loading local environment and services


      Generating upgrade actions

      The Solaris upgrade of the boot environment <s10u11-abe-20140123> failed.


      iocecstgias4-1:root pkginfo -l SUNWluu SUNWlur SUNWlucfg |egrep -i 'version|pstamp'

         VERSION:  11.10,REV=2007.

          PSTAMP:  on10-adms-patch20130925143317

         VERSION:  11.10,REV=2005.

          PSTAMP:  on10-adms-patch20130925143319

         VERSION:  11.10,REV=2005.

          PSTAMP:  on10-adms-patch20130925143320


      I checked the checksums of the media (iso file) and it's OK. Anyone knows how to fix this issue?


      Thanks in advance for any hint,


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          Have you installed the patches required for live upgrade ?  Read upgrade manual for latest patch requirement.  I have the following but I do not know if this is correct in your case


            Solaris 10 5/08 (Update 5) or later:




              * 119254-LR  Install and Patch Utilities Patch  (85 on aug 10 2012)

              * 121430-LR  Live Upgrade patch  (81 on aug 10 2012)

              * 121428-LR  SUNWluzone required patches (15 nov 2012)

              * 138130-01 vold patch

              * 140914-02 cpio patch